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Jinger's Spot
Saturday, May 24, 2008 Contest! Contest! Contest!

Good Saturday morning!

I'm exhausted. Yesterday was my son's birthday so we gave him a gift card to his favorite restaurant then kept the baby for the night while the kids went out to dinner and had a basic date night. The baby fussed quite a bit, screamed a bit more and since we aren't really set up for baby night, she was going to have to sleep in a bouncer/swing thing.

Not comfortable I'm sure. As she kept me up most of the night, that's the hint I received. Around 4 am, after we both slept fitfully I finally remembered both of our sofas are sleeper sofas... I pulled one out, made the bed then she and I climbed in and cuddled close. My little dog took up residence at the crook of my leg and we all passed out...until 6 when DH had to get DD up and take her to work.

I dragged baby and me to the bedroom and crawled into our bed. Around 9 this morning I heard a noise and went Oh yeah! I rolled over and there was, just smiling like all get out. She gurgled and cooed and smiled nonstop. Yeah, I'm completely wiped and she's as happy as a clam in warm sand!

What? On with the contest? Is that what I heard? Okay, okay, okay!

Here we go:

Head over to my website here and go to the excerpt page. Email me at jingerjackson@gmail.com with the answer to the following questions:

1. What is the heroine's full name?
2. What was her horse's name?
3. Vlad introduces himself to the heroine and she knows he will soon be what?

From all correct entries I'll select one winner to receive a journal, notepad and pen set. The winner will also be placed into the pot for the grand prize drawing next week.

Remember, please email the answers!

Happy Weekend!

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