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Jinger's Spot
Wednesday, October 31, 2007 Happy Halloween

What ever your flavor, may you enjoy some interesting tricks and FANTORGASMIC treats.


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Thursday, October 25, 2007
Movies that tantalize and terrify

Movies that make you huh…

I love to be scared. But it seems to take more these days to set me on the edge of my seat. I haven’t seen a good scary movie in a long time. There’s too much gore that is supposed to pass for horror now days. So I’ll go over the ones that kinda sorta freak me out. If you know of any good scary movie please let me know so I can check it out. I sat through 1408 with my two best girlfriends. Didn't work on me. It did help me scare the shite out of them though!

1. A recent film that didn’t scare me but was pretty captivating was “Wicked Little Things” Zombie children eating the raw flesh of human and animal alike. They were looking for revenge on the man responsible for their deaths. While the original dude that killed them was dead, his last remaining descendant was the target. The guy was such a jerk I was rooting for the kids.

2. The Vincent Price movie House of Wax. When I was a kid, it was a terrifying prospect, to be killed by wax. Not a pleasant way to go

3. I don’t know the name of it (Legend of Big Foot? Shriek of the Mutilated? Capture of Big Foot?) He was terrorizing this group who had just got into this cabin. He was throwing boulders, stalking and killing them. The reason the cabin freaked me out was when I was a kid I went to a cabin in the woods that was so similar to the one in the movie…

4. I was a Teenage Werewolf. Michael Landon played a disturbed teen that, whenever a bell rang, transformed into this killing machine. School was a particularly nasty experience. One scene he was transformed and went into the school office. The secretary was using one of those HUGE paper cutters. He put her hand in it and sliced off her fingers. I still can’t stand even looking at one of those things. I’m scared the blade will fall on my hand.

5. When I was little we were moving to Tulsa and stayed in this dive motel. There was a movie on the television about Gargoyles. Again, the name is a mystery to me. But there were these gargoyles that were attacking people. They ripped through the roof of this car and killed the people inside…while they were moving. I was sure we were going to get it.

6. The Birds. Cliché I know but that movie bugged me. How Hitchcock could take something so innocuous as birds and turn them into something so evil and vicious. Man, that one really got to me. Even until a few years ago whenever I saw a large mass of birds I got a chill. Rationally I knew it was a movie and fantasy but the scene with the crows flashed and it chilled me for a split second.

7. My Bloody Valentine. There is a scene involving an almost dead kid, a man with a pickax and a dryer. I couldn’t go into a Laundromat alone at night for years.

8. Diary of a Madman. Vincent Price. An insane ancestor slowly possesses him. He’s obsessed with a married actress. It was high on my childhood chill factor.

9. House on Haunted Hill—Vincent Price. The acid bath. Chills…

10. The Abominable Dr. Phibes. This one really was Vincent Price’s best work as far as I’m concerned. A mad doctor punishing the men he believes are responsible for his wife’s death. He uses the Old Testament plagues to kill the men.

11. The Pit and the Pendulum. Vincent Price. (Are we noticing a theme here?) A man’s wife may have been buried alive. He is a descendent of a brutal torturer from the Spanish inquisition. There are plots to make him believe he is haunted. He begins to go over the edge and the results aren’t pretty. An Edgar Allen Poe story.

12. Silence of the Lambs—wouldn’t watch it. There are too many real life crazies to watch a movie like that.

13. Funhouse—a true freakshow. This girl’s momma hates the carnival and when daughter wants to go with friends momma gets mad. Girl sneaks off to carnival anyway. While there the idea to spend the night in the funhouse comes up. They do and the nightmare begins. This creature/human monster begins killing. The reason momma hates carnival? She was married to carnie (they got divorced while riding the carousel backwards…weird what you remember huh?) She is the mother of the freakshow creature. Why did this bug me? I have no idea. It just creeped me out. I’ve seen since I was a kid, did nothing for me. Can’t even remember why I was creeped out by it.

There you have it. Thirteen movies to make me go ugh…what are some of yours?

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Thursday, October 18, 2007
It's that wonderful time of the year!

Fall Favorites

What do I love besides the Halloween spirit? Let me list a few for you:

1. Obviously Halloween. Candy is awesome. I used to wait until the week after and head to the store and get stocked up on discounted Halloween candy. My favorite was the Willy Wanka Mix Ups. They used to have bottlecaps and chewy runts. My favorites. Of course, Willy changed it and they don’t have either one in their Mix Ups any more!

2. The cooler weather. Not cold. Not too hot. Like baby bear’s porridge—it’s just right. I get to pull out my huge flannel shirts, my comfy stirrup pants and my boots.

3. Caramel apples. Not candy ones, caramel ones. (Yes, there really is a difference. One has a hard candy coating. The other has lushy ooey, gooey caramel that sticks to everything. No nuts on that please)

4. Ghost stories, haunted houses, hay rides.

5. Falling leaves. I still love playing the raked mounds. (I may get older but I refuse to grow up!)

6. Baked ham and sweet potatoes. I do make this at other times of the year but it just says fall to me.

7. Invasion of the family kind. Thanksgiving comes up and suddenly family crawls in from the woodwork—I LOVE it!

8. Applecider. Again, it just says fall.

9. Canning time. I can’t think of many things more enjoyable than making and canning my own jams, jellies and occasionally I make tomato soup and have even tried ketchup. (My ketchup I do not recommend. That’s how I ended up making tomato soup!)

10. Heading to Branson to Christmas shop with my mom. We drive down Veterans Day weekend. We stop in Springfield for the night then head on to Branson the next day. We meet my Granny, an aunt, and my Granny’s best friend and occasional an aunt or two and a cousin or two will show up. The entire time is spent shopping, eating, and playing cards in the evenings.

11. Getting with my best friend and making Christmas gifts for friends and family. Last year we did quilted hotpads. This year it’s gifts in a jar.

12. Hot cocoa. Smooth, silky and creamy.

13. Fireplaces. I love lighting ours, turning the lights down low and curling up with a good book.


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 WOW! Just WOW!

I was already excited to be part of the Resplence Publishing family. They gave me a shot. But then I heard of something even more impressive. First the title and blurb. Then I’ll tell you the amazing part:

Eyes of the Dead by Aleka Nakis

What would you endure to find the cure for the disease that killed your mother? Exposure to venomous snakes? Raging rapids without a life jacket? Drug lords who dab in sex trafficking?

Would you relinquish control and trust your life in a dead man’s hands?

Tiffany Jensen, a young breast cancer researcher, confronts her greatest fear and flies on a plane to a foreign country alone. Venturing into the dangerous terrain of the Mayan jungle, she is willing to do just about anything for the cure.

Antonio Francisco Fernandez, aka Agent AFFCROC, is open to only one possibility: getting Tiffany out of his territory and safely back to the States. Will his insistence deny her success, or struggling to find her way, will she come face to face with the eyes of the dead?

So why am I excited about this? Because a portion of each purchase is being donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation for the fight against breast cancer.

If you’d like to help this cause please purchase a copy of Eyes of the Dead or go directly to the Susan G Komen Foundation website

ALSO! If this all wasn’t enough good news I received an email that ALL RP titles will go to print! Isn’t that awesome?!?! I’m hoping that Egyptian Nights is long enough to be a stand alone title. If not it will be combined with similar themed shorts and published as a novella. I’m hoping for stand alone. I mean have you seen the cover??? It’s awesome!

All right I need to head off and get busy on another book. I hope to have finished and sent in soon.

See ya!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007 The most wonderful season of all

Common Halloween Superstitions

The history of Halloween is a fascinating one for me. Mainly because I LOVE anything creepy, frightening, startling, shocking and morbid. In the old times there were many superstitions—about everything, all the time. But Samhain, All Hallows Ever, whatever you call this time of the year when the veil between the worlds thins and the dead are whispered to walk among us, there are superstitions that are pretty specific. Here are a few:

1. Going in for dumb supper, meaning that nobody will talk while having supper, encourages the spirits to come to the table.

2. It is believed that if an unmarried girl keeps a rosemary herb and a silver sixpence under her pillow on Halloween night, it is quite likely that on that very night, she would dream of her future husband.

3. It is said that if you hear someone's footsteps behind you on the Halloween night, you should not turn back because it may be a dead following you. And if you commit the mistake of looking back, it is likely that you might join the dead very soon.

4. There is the old saying that "black cats are bad luck". It was once believed that black cats were the devil, or consumed by evil spirits.

5. People used to believe that Satan was a nut-gatherer. Nuts were also used as magic charms on the day of Halloween festival.

6. If you put your clothes on inside out as well as outside walk backwards on Halloween night. At midnight you will see a witch in the sky. People used to believe witches were the devil, or that they were consumed by evil.

7. There is also an old saying "if the flame on your candle goes out on Halloween celebration; it gives you the meaning that you are with a ghost".

8. If you ring a bell on Halloween it will frighten evil spirits away.

9. Many people used to consider that owls would dive down to eat the souls of the dying on Halloween. They used to think if you pulled your pockets out, and left them hanging, they'd be safe.

10. It has been said if a bat flies into your house on Halloween, it is a sign that ghosts or spirits are very nearer, and maybe they are in your home and let the bat in.

11. People used to believe that if bats are out early on Halloween, and they fly around playfully, then good weather is to come.

12. If a bat flies around your house three times on Halloween, death is very soon to come

13. To ward off evil spirits on Halloween, you can bury all the animal bones in your front yard, or even put a picture of an animal very close to your doorway.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 What?

Okay have any of you seen the new TV series Moonlight? A vampire, A P.I., A Vampire PI...a HOT, SEXY, Vampire P.I.

I've watched the first two episodes and I have to say I was (and I guess am)on the fence about this show. Okay, Alex O'Loughlin, I could eat with a spoon and want more! The premise is a bit hard to accept. A vampire who saved a little girl from an evil vampire and has watched over said little girl while she grew up. Now he's got her in his life...and he has the hots for her. That's a little odd. I'm mean come on, he's old enough to be her grandfather. Besides, he's too hot for her, right?

Of course if you can buy into the vampire thing then the series shouldn't be that hard to enjoy. And honestly, as long as I can watch something with that much drool factor, I'm good to go. I watch the program. I set it to record. (But I've got the entire block set. Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, Numb3rs. OOO Rob Morrow, another hot one.)

The thing I'm not getting: There is no fan site listing for Alex. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Why not? Is it hard to develop a fan site? No, seriously thats a real question. How do fan clubs actually become established? Do you write the managern and say Hey, I'm establishing a fan club for (famous person name)and I'd really like your help. Send pix, notes, interviews, reviews, and (Alex, Rob, The Rock, Hugh Jackman et al)wrapped in a lovely package to me ASAP. Thanks!

If I knew how to I'd probably see about setting up a fan site myself. Any hints or steps? Please let me know...seriously!

Oh and for those of you who don't know who I'm talking about. Meet Alex O'Loughlin, (Mick St. John, PI)

What do you think?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007 Hello

First, let me say hello and happy Tuesday. The RP launch party was a BLAST!!!! We had so much fun sharing excerpts, answering questions and just hanging out. If you made it I hope you said hello. If you didn’t I hope you won’t miss next time around!

There are some really fun things happening around the ‘net this month. I promised a couple of friends I’d plug them and since my .357 happens to be in the shop right now I guess I’ll just have to do this instead:

My friend Donica Covey will be celebrating the release of her book Callye’s Justice, Book One in the Gateway Guardians series, next Tuesday. This book is being released from Samhain Publishing NEXT TUESDAY! October 9. Make sure you hop by her blogher website— and her Magic Mavens blog—for excerpts, trivia questions, contests and general getting to know her and the characters she’s brought to life.

Then my friend Rebecca Goings—is having a week long birthday bash at her readers loop The Magic of Romance--Make sure you drop in there. I’ll be contributing to the fun myself so I hope you’ll join me! (okay US)

See you all soon!
Sizzle and Spice and Everything Nice

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Monday, October 1, 2007 HAPPY LAUNCH DAY!!!

It's here! Respledence Publishing is opening its doors TODAY!!!! Congratulations to the women who are releasing their books today and CELEBRATE good times with all of us!

Gotta run and join the fun. See ya soon!


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