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Jinger's Spot
Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thirteen ideas for your summer activities:

1. Camping

2. Water Ski

3. Disney

4. Hang out by the pool

5. Go to the beach

6. Go to a theme/water park

7. Surf

8. Fish

9. Canoe

10. Boat

11. Go to the Lake

12. travel

13. picnic

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

There will be no T13 this week. After my explosion last week I've decided I need a vacation so I'm headed off to the lake for the weekend. Check me next week, I'll be back around Wednesday, maybe even Thursday.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and don't forget why we have this time set aside.
Remember our brave troops, don't forget to hug your vet, and say a prayer for the fmailies of all our service people living or gone.


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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jinger’s Thursday Thirteen Random Thoughts. You’d think this would be easy right? Just write whatever pops into my head. What a time for my mind to be a blank canvas! Be warned some of this is considered ranting and expresses my personal opinions. Just so you’re clear and go in with opened eyes.

1. I’m waiting to hear from the editor at Samhain to know if they liked Egyptian Nights or not. I’m praying they do! I really want to sell this book!

2. I’m working on a new project for an open call submissions to Samhain. A shape shifting novel about a were cat. Here is the low down: Almost two hundred years ago Sebastian Quinn was a selfish rich man. He took his pleasure from whatever woman offered them but he gave nothing in return. One day he took advantage of the wrong girl. Her father placed a curse on him. Now he’s doomed to spend an eternity having to deny the passions he’s always given in to. Each time he is aroused he shifts into a black panther and he will remain in his shifted stare from the moment of the urge until the following morning. The only way to break the curse is to find a woman who is willing to love him despite what he is. One who would be wiling to be with him despite his animal side. Harley Danberg is a strict bachelorette. She’s tired of the dating scene and is ready to just coast through life for a while. But the first time she meets her brother’s new neighbor all she can think about is how hot Sebastian is. She becomes more interested and tries to spend time with him but each time they’re together Bastian changes from steamy hot to ice cold and he disappears from her life for days at a time. Tired of the constant mood swing she decides to give him up. After the last ditch she’s seriously frustrated and heads to his house to tell him off. When a large black panther meets her she’s freaked beyond belief. When that panther traps her in the house she’s more frightened than she’s ever been. Or so she thinks until she watches as the black fur fades and Bastian stands before her. Scared and confused it’s her turn to run as far and as fast as she can. When he shows up at her door spouting about the curse and how she is the only one who can help she’s left with a decision. To help work the Night Magic or to push him away.

3. Babies. I absolutely LOVE babies! How can anyone not like one? Yes when they cry it makes me a little crazy. When they’re left to scream uncontrollably it makes me want to tear out my hair. But there is something so wonderful about a baby. The sweet little faces. The soft skin. The tiny fingers and toes. The little nose. Babies are so wonderful! Yes, there is going to be one in our family by end of December first of January. It scares me to death. The world as it is. The insanity of the people, the unjust actions by those in authority, the lack of any compassion on the part of other human beings. Yeah I’m scared to think about what this baby is coming into and God knows I wish I could fix this world!

4. Gas prices. Can anyone explain this bullshit to me? “Well we have to pass on our cost to the consumer”. Umm Okay. But if your company reports revenues in the black of over a billion dollars is it really necessary to squeeze every last drop of blood from all the working turnips? Hello! If we cant afford gas to get to work then we loose jobs. We loose jobs you won’t have any of us to buy gas and therefore your bottom line will fade from black to red in no time flat! Get off your fat stuffed Asses and give back for a change!

5. Network TV. Okay. Here’s a biggie. Now obviously I don’t have an issue with sex. I mean lets look at the facts here. Consider what I write, ya know? But the so-called Prime time programs, hell I can’t even stand to watch most of them. There is no family hour anymore. Anything that is on between the hours of 7 and 10 (CST) is not worth allowing the family to see. None of the shows are without sex. The comedies? Filled with sexual innuendos and foul language. The dramas? Glorifying rape, pedophilia, and violence. The reality TV shows? Please! Now there is nothing for a family to sit down and watch together. The few shows that are at least tolerable, things like Jericho, Close to Home, shows along those lines, are being cancelled in favor of more crap.

6. Spend time with your kids. It’s your responsibility as a parent to know what’s going on in their lives. It’s your job to teach them proper respect, discipline, compassion, caring, kindness to others. It’s your job to make sure they know the rules and how to play the game. Don’t expect the over worked, underpaid teachers who aren’t allowed by law to discipline your kid anyway be stuck with the entire burden of teaching them not only a scholastic education but a social one as well.

7. The EPA. Yeah, I know I’m probably the minority vote here but I’ve got a bee up my ass and since I’m spouting random thoughts here anyway here goes. Get your pencil leads out of your Asses. Here’s my bitch, okay one of many regarding our lovely EPA. You’ve whined and cried and hugged so many trees you’ve got the bark texture permanently embedded into your skin. You’ve decided to force the issue and have now made it illegal for us to ride ATVs in the national forests. Good for you, ya assholes! The forest was made for all to enjoy right? Well lets think about our elderly who enjoy the out doors and depended on their ATVs for the ride in the woods. Stop laughing! I know plenty of 80 year olds who still ride ATVs. Now thanks to your crybaby act they can no longer visit the forest.

The veteran who lost a limb due to the service to this nation. They need the ATV for when they go hunting. OH GOD FORBID they should HUNT! Lets jerk them out of the ATV.

The child who is disabled but received a helmet so he/she could ride with mom or dad during an outing to the woods. Nope sorry! You have to walk. What, you can’t? Well too freaking bad! No forest for you.

Who the hell do you think you are??? What right do you pencil pushing buttheads have to take away our enjoyment? I know what the deal is. You’ll close it down for a few years and then you’ll work your friends and lobbyists to make sure that everyone who wants to ride in the woods has to buy a sticker, paying money into your pockets for something they should’ve always had the right to enjoy.

See you’ve made it easier for pot growers to do their jobs undetected. When we could ride in some places there were people who had the “farms” but because of riders and visitors they had to cut off and move. Now you’ve given them an open invitation. Good job! How much of their profits are you sharing in?

If you’re so concerned about conservation, and believe me I do believe in conservation, stop the logging! Make them stop cutting down the woods.

8. Gun control. Get over it people! I enjoy my guns. I believe everyone should have one. I also believe you need to be cautious. Keep a trigger lock on the gun when not in use. Empty the gun and store the gun and ammunition separate unless you’re using it. Keep all guns and ammo locked in a gun safe. Teach your child gun safety at an early age. Most of the states have gun safety education classes offered for kids and adults. Take advantage of these (usually free) classes.

9. People who are against any form of capital punishment. I’m tired of the bleeding heart thing. You have a responsibility as a parent to teach your child right from wrong. They need to be spanked on occasion. NOT BEATEN, NOT ABUSED, but spanked. Using the proper training technique you can greatly reduce the stress in your life, in your child’s life and to the rest of the world.

People are crying about the ever-growing violence of children today. What did you expect? Lets see: entertainment world, Movies like the Saw series are grossing multimillion dollars and they do nothing but glorify pain and torture. Television shows, pain, murder. Music, sex, violence. Video games? Forget about it! They even have allowed some freak to make a game out of the Virginia Tech massacre because he thought it would be fun and he felt sympathy for the gunman. He’s making a bit of money already. Does that tell you how sick our world is?

Capitol punishment for prisoners: Do not even try to tell me it costs more to kill an inmate on death row than it does to keep him for the rest of his life. Bull. If someone has committed a crime that makes them eligible for life in prison then maybe you should be looking at the death penalty. Over crowded prisons are constantly being whined about. There’s a quick cure. State following through with the death penalty that’s been assigned and if your state doesn’t have it, bring it back! As it is right now most prisoners have it better than a lot of working class citizens.

Prisons provide free education. They offer three square meals a day, recreational facilities, entertainment, free health care. Free to the prisoners while the average working Joe is stuck footing the bill. The retired or elderly can’t get descent health care, but the man/woman in prison gets all their medications provided free of charge to them.

A workingman can’t afford to provide a descent meal for his family because his pay went into the gas tank. A con gets a good hot meal.

Since when was prison going to a country club? Jail is supposed to be a punishment for god’s sake!

10. You’d think I could come up with more to rant about right? Or come up with something more positive? I’ve lost my steam I’m afraid. I’ve let it all loose. Senior Citizens and the Elderly. WE need to spend more time with the older generations. There is so much wisdom to be found in them! Kids today and the older ones should be required to spend at least an hour with each other every week. Talking with and listening to each other. They could learn something from one another. I love being with my grandparents. They always are able to teach me something I never knew and it makes them feel like they’re able to do something worthwhile too. Older people just want to feel needed. So head over to an older person home, or even a retirement home and sit down with someone. Introduce yourself to a stranger and sit to talk with them. Show an interest and I know you’ll be rewarded even id its just because you put a smile on someone’s face.

11. Spring cleaning is here and I know many of us are emptying closets or attics. We’re coming across clothes, books, albums, and toys. I’d like to suggested you clean what you can and take them to donate them to different places. Take old books to the senior homes or hospitals. Take clothes to the local women’s shelter. Take toys to the children’s homes. Sure you might be able to make some money by having a rummage sale, but think of the happiness and helpfulness you’d be providing by your donations!

12. Next time your in the grocery store grab a couple of extra cans of vegetables if you can and store them up. Then after you’ve collected a bit take it to your local food pantry. There are others out there much less fortunate than you are and could use the thought.

13. Each week there are pet supply coupons in the paper. Why not take a few minutes to clip a few then use them at the store (if you can). Grab a can or two of dog or cat food or some other supply and drop it off at the local shelter. Sometimes they’ll accept the coupons themselves and use them to help in the funding of the care of the animals.

14. Yeah I know I’ve added one. How about a coupon party? Get together with friends on a lazy afternoon or even evening and clip out all your coupons together. Share and trade them. No you can’t use multiple coupons on the same item, but you can use them on separate ones. So you get a dollar off a bottle of shampoo. Two of the coupons and you’ll get 2 bottles for about the same price as one.

Do I sound like a soapbox stander yet? I’m very passionate about so many things and sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth closed. If the suggestions I made can be used, go for it and I’m happy to have said something. If I’ve offended for that I’m sorry but at least it got you thinking right?

Anyway. I promise to be more formalized next week…I hope!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 Blog Things Quiz 1

So I'm trying to come up with fun things to post that don't require alot of thinking on this end. I'm in the middle of working on a second book to submit to Samhain for query and my brain is becoming non functioning unless its working on this story. So I'm going to be posting Blog Thing quiz results and then I'll still be doing the T13s.

So for my first quiz: How Hot Are Your Kisses?

Your Kisses Are Spicy and Wild

Your kisses are powerful stuff. They'll start a fire in almost anyone you kiss.
You kiss with passion, skill, and endurance. Anyone who kisses you is in for a long, intense ride.
You better watch out though. Your incredible kisses are likely to get you in trouble!

Hop over and try this quiz for yourself and let me know what your heat level is!

Gotta Run!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007 T13 time again!

I'm feeling more wild this week so I thought I'd list the thirteen places I've enjoyed sex.

1) The back of a horse. YIPPEEKIYAAYY! I'm telling you that rhythm is rocking good times!

2)The back of a Harley. This one was more tricky, challrnging, but well worth it!

3) Under an oil derek in Oklahoma. Out in the middle of the feild under the shade while the sun warmed the ground...

4)Hay stack in an old barn. Itchy yes, but so much fun!

5)The cat walk at a cattle auction. WOOHOO talk about the thrill of posible discovery!

6)The seat of an ATV in the middel of the woods. A little easier than the Harley but still a challenge.

7)A creek in the woods. A private retreat and while I can't put my finger on what it is about doing it in the water I can say I love to repeat the performance!

8) A blanket in the park. This one is another thrill of possible exposure deal. Always makes sex more fun!

9)Middle of a corn field. (Are we noticing a theme here?)I love doing it outside. Bedrooms are great, don't get me wrong. My bedroom, a hotel room, the bedroom of the cabin in the middle of the woods, but being in the open is so freeing!

10)The back of a 1966 Mustang Fastback.

11)The back seat of a 1965 Caddilac Coupe de Ville

12)The backseat of a VW Beetle. This one was NOT easy in the least! If you've tried the Harley and the ATV you MIGHT be ready for the back of a Beetle. It takes some mighty manuevering!

13)A john boat in the middle of the river. Rocking in the waves. UMM! Just be careful, the john boat we used was aluminum and after being in the sun that metal got damn hot! Also the rocking can be a little unnerving, the worry of being flipped out of the boat. But its well worth it!

And those are 13 of the places I've had sex. There are so many more places to explore and I think its time I got busy finding new, exciting places!

If you've never tried the places I mentioned you don't know what you're missing and I think you should give it a shot. Release your inhibitions and have a rocking good time!

See you soon!

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Thursday, May 3, 2007 T13 Flowers

I was going to do my 13 favorite places to have sex, my 13 favorite positions or something along those lines but I'm feeling rather tame today so here are my favorite flowers instead!

Favorite flowers

1. Calla Lily

2. Peony

3. Pansy

4. Viola

5. Snapdragons

6. Iris

7. Roses

8. African Violets

9. Hyacinth

10. Tulips

11. Lavender

12. Sunflower

13. Jonquil

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007 Hey y’all!

Sorry I’ve absent lately. Life has been getting in the way but hopefully things will tame down now. I’ll be back on tomorrow doing my T13 list for sure.

I’m getting so anxious to hear about my first book Egyptian Nights. I’m really hoping this is the one that gets my foot into the door. I’ve got several others I want to get written and I guess we’ll see how well I can do with them. Writing time is so hard to find when you have a life outside of the world in your mind. I’m longing for the day when all I have to do is sit and write. Does that ever happen? I mean honestly, does Nora Roberts have all the time in the world to sit in front of her computer screen and just write? Not that I’ll ever get to the status of Nora Roberts (although the dream is so nice!) How about J.K. Rowling? With her wild success in the Harry Potter books and movies can she just sit back and watch the dough roll in? Is she able to sit in front of her computer and develop new worlds? Does she have to split her focus?

Man I’d love to try their lives even if it was just for a couple of days! Maybe they don’t get to sit back at their desks and eat bon bons all day while the money is delivered into their accounts. Maybe they have someone who does the typing for them? Speculation is so great!

I know no one has the perfect life, but seeing people succeed in the world you are dying to live in is frustrating. It’s hard to keep the jealousy at bay. But then again they all started at the bottom of the slush pile didn’t they? While I’m wildly jealous of their success I think it’s so awesome to see them make it in a world that is so subjective. There was and is a lot of hard work in getting to where they are and keeping the rhythm. May they have tons of continued success and may all of us who are struggling, just in the beginning of our careers or those who are on the shelves almost every month, MAY YOU CONTINUE TO FLOURISH NO MATTER WHAT stage of publishing life you may be in!!!

I’m going back to my fretting and trying to tackle the next project in my list of to be written stories. See you tomorrow!


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