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Jinger's Spot
Thursday, April 26, 2007 T13 Men I'd do

This is a list of men that I'd do in a heartbeat.

1) Hugh Jackman
2) Rob Morrow
3) Oded Fehr
4) Matthew McConaughy
5) Tyler Mane
6) Richard Roxbury
7) Ewan McGregor
8) Toby Keith
9) Jay Tevaro
10) Sebastian Bach
11) Vin Diesel
12) Stuart Townsend
13) Heath Ledger
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thirteen Things about Jinger Jackson

My favorite Songs from the Eighties:
1. Goody Two Shoes Adam Ant (Does anyone remember him???)
2. Take On Me by Aha (There was something about the video!)
3. Hotel California by the Eagles (The imagery this song evoked!)
4. I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
5. Lick it Up by Kiss (KISS! Need I explain further?)
6. Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benetar (Excellent song)
7. Close My Eyes Forever by Ozzy Osborne and Lita Ford (Ozzy and Lita! A match made in heaven!)
8. Heaven by Warrant (Hot guys. Love song. Yeah no doubt!)
9. When the Children Cry by White Lion (Again. Hot Guys…)
10 I Remember You by Skid Row (SEBASTIAN BACH!!!!!!!!)
11. I’d Die For You by Bon Jovi (Jon rocks and Concert was AWESOME!!!!)
12. Run to the Hill AND Flight of Icarus by Iron Maiden (Excellent songs! The imagery, the story in the music. The concert was the BEST!!!)
13. My all time favorite: The Flame by Cheap Trick

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Needed new

I wanted a change. I had originally seen this blog template and fell in love with it but the new blogger wasn't accepting the code. Thank you whoever you were who wrote instructions for those of us who want to use Caz's AMAZING templates on our Blogs!

If you haven't checked out Caz's offerings I suggest you head over there and do so! The link to the site is in the credits at the bottom right of the screen.

You'll also note I changed the image for my profile pic. In honor of my submission I'm doing the Egyptian thing. I'll be keeping Egyptian theme in the profile pix until I can announce my sale (God willing!) Unfortunately I can't credit the artist. I apologize because I can't remember the artist's name but the picture itself is called "Legend". If I can ever come across the name of the artist I will pass it on.

I joined MySpace! Find me on MySpace and be my friend! Join me, won't you?

Gotta boogie!

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Monday, April 9, 2007 Did it!

My first time was Friday and god was I nervous! No not that time. Gee that first time is long past...well not that I'm that old but...ah hell anyway I submitted Egyptian Nights to the editor on Friday and I'm so anxious! The last day to be able to send anything in for that particular book anthology is June 1 and they will be contacting the lucky authors around June 10th.

I'm so nervous! I ate an entire carton of yogurt, at least half a dozen chocolate eggs, some reece's peanut butter eggs and i dont know how many pairs of bunny ears, and that was just on Fruday evening alone!!!

I tried to avoid over eating all weekend but everytime I thought about the submission my nerves jangled and I ended up popping whatever was handy into my mouth. I think I gained 5 pounds so far this weekend! Man this isn't good!

Well I've got to find something else to focus on so I'm going to open up another book file and see what I can work on now. See you all soon!


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Thursday, April 5, 2007 I've been Tagged

My friend, romance author Rebecca Goings tagged me on her blog. Now mind you I'm still a virgin, well when it comes to cyberspace stuff anyway. So I'm just jumping in with both feet. I have to list 5 things I obsess about. Only 5??? Damn I'm going to have to narrow that puppy done to the top.

1) My writing. I was born to be an erotic romance author. That's all I want to do...ok wait. As far as a job goes thats all I want to do. If I tried to do what I really love doing for a living I'd be arrested for damn sure!

2)My dogs. I'd be lost without the little demons. They yap and bark quite alot but they're my babies and I wouldn't part with them for anything

3)Sex. When it comes to sex I've tried everything at least once. If I liked it I did it twice. Sometimes I even went back for thirds.

4)Research. For my writing I do as much research as possible. I enjoy learning new things and seeking new experiences. Unfrotunately I get so lost in my research that I sometimes forget to come out of my shell.

5)Art. I can get lost for hours in museums or looking at online galleries. The sensual, the unusual, the abstract, all are things I relish.

I guess my 5 are pretty lame huh? I'm supposed to tag 2 other people but honestly? I don't know alot of people out there with blogs so I'm going to tag the only one I visit daily. Her name is Donica Covey. She's an author who has published a couple of really amazing books. Of course they're tame books, not like the stuff I write. Anyway, Tag website too!

If any of you have stumbled across this blog and want to join in please do! Just drop a comment in my slot and leave me a link with your blog. I'll hop on over and give you a shout!


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Wednesday, April 4, 2007 Art

On this blog not only will I be telling you about my writing, keeping you posted step by step along my way to publication but I'm also going to be spotlighting different artists.

The picture I have on my profile is by an artist named Luis Royo. For his website and more information please follow the link: http://www.luisroyo.com/ Some might find his art odd, unusual offensive or even perverted. I'm captivated by his work. There is so much talent! He not only produces works of sensual nature but images of fantasy, and even historical western influence.

I'm going to add a few images to this post but I hope you'll head over to his gallery and check out all of his work! There really is something for everyone! There are several art books from Luis Royo so make sure you head to your local bookstore and ask about them!

May your dreams be hot and your realities hotter!

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Monday, April 2, 2007 Hey Everyone!

I'm back! I had a blogger before. Actually this morning I think I ended up making 3 or 4 more. I'm not computer literate so I'm doing this all by chance. I'm trying to get this blog up and moving because I've gotten back on the horse and am working on a submission for Samhain Publishing.

Let me tell you this is a hot one! I've got to get back to it I just wanted to bop on and try to get my new account set up. See you all soon!

May your dreams be hot and your realities hotter!

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