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Jinger's Spot
Thursday, July 17, 2008 Thursday Thirteen

Hi! I decided to do a t13 this week. I've assembled a few of my favorite songs and dug up their videos. These songs are in no particular order, just as I found them. ENJOY!!!!

1. Kid Rock Picture:

2. Blue October Hate Me:

3. Aerosmith Don’t want to miss a thing:

4. Sonata Arctica Don’t say a word:

5. Iron Maiden Run to the hills:

6. AC DC Big Balls:

7. Poison Talk Dirty to Me:

8. Motley Crew Home Sweet Home:

9. Skid Row I remember You:

10. Guns and Roses November Rain:

11. Firehouse Love of a Lifetime:

12. Nightwish Phantom of the Opera:

13. Sonata Arctica White pearl black ocean:

Okay, I'm off to finalize preperations for my vacation. See you in a couple of weeks!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Talk about your long absences!

I’ve been horrible about keeping up with this blog. I don’t know why. I mean aside from the fact I have trouble coming up with things to talk about.

Let’s see—what has happened since my last post….

Heaven’s Torment is with my editor and has been there for a couple of weeks. I’m afraid the answer is going to be a no. I can’t say why, but it’s just a feeling I have. So, I’ve been trying to find a project that I can totally commit to but right now it’s like running in quick sand.

I leave for my long awaited trip in six days so of course my excitement level has been ratcheted up several notches. It’s made concentration impossible. The harder I try to force my focus, the worse it gets. As I sit here staring at this computer I keep hoping something will grab my attention and I can get some work done.

Part of me feels as if I shouldn’t push myself so hard. If you look at it logically I have accomplished a lot this year:

1) Egyptian Nights debuted in January
2) Beyond Death released in June
3) Wrote and submitted a new manuscript
4) As Donica I had a release in May and I have another in October
5) I submitted a short story under my Donica name
6) I have my first print book releasing in August (as Donica)
7) I have a release in October (Donica)
8) I have a release in February (Donica)
9) Another release in July (Donica)

The other part of me feels as if I’m lacking. Jinger has no more scheduled releases and I want to get a few more under my belt. Writing is important to me. It’s my career choice and if I don’t write, I don’t sell which means I don’t get published.

So, what does a writer do when stuck in limbo? I’m still trying to figure that out. If I come up with an answer, I’ll let you know. If you authors out there have any suggestions, I’m wide open!

I’m dying to get another horror written, but I’m lacking inspiration.

My publisher Resplendence, has an exciting line called Wicked—grown up versions of the fairytales we all grew up with. I’d love to write one but I’m not doing so hot with finding the perfect one.

There is another new and exciting offer coming in the future from RP but I’m not ready to announce it because I’m waiting for them to release the formal announcement. As soon as they do, I’ll be sharing it with you. Put it this way, I know you’re all going to love it! Now, if only I could come up with something to fit that as well!
Well, guess I’m going to go and stare at the screen some more. Maybe I can come up with a way to squeeze blood from a turnip…

Hugz til next time!

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Monday, June 23, 2008
Hi all!

Been a very busy time for me lately. I recently completed the rewrites on Heaven's Torment and have sent the first three chapters to my editor. I am awaiting her verdict with held breath and tightened chest. While I wait I have been combing the fairy tales for an idea to be sparked to update for the Wicked line at RP. Traditional fairy tales with a decidedly adult aspect.

Focus and thought are very hard for me lately as my vacation is now 4 weeks or 28 days or 672 hours away. Not that I'm counting or anything... Actually by this time on July 21st I will be halfway to my place in Arkansas. A trailer full of ATVs and a couple of girlfriends headed off for a week of sun, fun and relaxation. I am more than ready to go!

I also wanted to let you know a friend of mine is having an author chat on her loop coming up from July 1-5. The loop to join is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/maddiejames/ Usually this is a strictly newsletter/special notice loop but she's making an exception for a chat and you're all invited! I'll be making a brief appearance and I'd love to see you all there!

Gotta run! HUGZ!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008 Congrats to the winner!

Drum roll please...the winner is Tina! Congrats Lady! please send me an email to jingerjackson@gmail.com to claim your prize--your free copy of Beyond Death!

I hope you enjoy the tale!


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Monday, June 2, 2008 First Review!

I just received my first review for Egyptian Nights. It's so great! See for yourself:

Egyptian Nights is a hot and sultry romance with a mystery tossed in for flavor. I liked the atypical setting and the use of rich Egyptian history as a backdrop. The characters were exciting to read about and the intense love scenes were plentiful but did not overpower the well-textured storyline. Egyptian Nights will make any night a little hotter, a little steamier, and a lot sexier.

Great, right! Thanks to Heather from Coffeetime Reviews for her kind words.

Also these are the last days to enter for your chance to win a copy of Beyond Death so make sure you hit the comments section and leave me a message for your entry!


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Monday, May 26, 2008 WINNER WINNER WINNER

Congratulations to Karen Rose for being the first winner of the contest!

Karen sent the correct answers from Fridays contest:

1) Heroine's name? Marinska Ionescu
2) Horse's name? Dragomir
3) He will soon be what? Voivode

Karen will receive a journal set with notepad and matching pen.

When I scheduled my party I failed to take into account the holiday weekend. Too many people are on vacations and away from their computers and so there are many who won't be able to participate in our celebration. So, I've made an executive decision.

Rather than end this party this Thursday, I'm extending the contest until Thursday June 5.

More chances to play, more contests to enter, more prizes to win.

All right--today, not only will your comments get you entered into the drawing for the free copy of Beyond Death, all posters will be in for a random drawing to win a beaded book thong.

So, post a comment!

See you all soon!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008 Contest! Contest! Contest!

Good Saturday morning!

I'm exhausted. Yesterday was my son's birthday so we gave him a gift card to his favorite restaurant then kept the baby for the night while the kids went out to dinner and had a basic date night. The baby fussed quite a bit, screamed a bit more and since we aren't really set up for baby night, she was going to have to sleep in a bouncer/swing thing.

Not comfortable I'm sure. As she kept me up most of the night, that's the hint I received. Around 4 am, after we both slept fitfully I finally remembered both of our sofas are sleeper sofas... I pulled one out, made the bed then she and I climbed in and cuddled close. My little dog took up residence at the crook of my leg and we all passed out...until 6 when DH had to get DD up and take her to work.

I dragged baby and me to the bedroom and crawled into our bed. Around 9 this morning I heard a noise and went Oh yeah! I rolled over and there was, just smiling like all get out. She gurgled and cooed and smiled nonstop. Yeah, I'm completely wiped and she's as happy as a clam in warm sand!

What? On with the contest? Is that what I heard? Okay, okay, okay!

Here we go:

Head over to my website here and go to the excerpt page. Email me at jingerjackson@gmail.com with the answer to the following questions:

1. What is the heroine's full name?
2. What was her horse's name?
3. Vlad introduces himself to the heroine and she knows he will soon be what?

From all correct entries I'll select one winner to receive a journal, notepad and pen set. The winner will also be placed into the pot for the grand prize drawing next week.

Remember, please email the answers!

Happy Weekend!

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